About us

Our heritage is the great hand painted tile traditions of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

We strive to remain faithful to our heritage, and to reinterpret tile classics. We pride ourselves on our quality and strive to produce tiles in the best traditional manner. We respect the way tiles used to be made, we have adapted our techniques to be more innovative and respond to the economics of our age.

We hope our tiles bring beauty and comfort to the spaces they are used in.

We have been making hand painted tiles in Los Angeles since 1985.
We are a small artisan factory specializing in historically accurate reproductions of tile at affordable prices.
we invite you to call us regarding your project.
We do fountains, bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools, stair risers, floors and walls.

In spite of minimalist trends we strive to make sure our tiles are not ordinary, ”there is no minimalism in our DNA” We believe that in the industry of hand made tiles we are a point of reference. We understand the language of beauty.

Thank you for visiting us  we appreciate all inquiries.

Tile Guild Inc.

Dennis Caffrey

Four legends at Tile Guild in Los Angeles California 1990