The “Cuenca” technique appeared towards the end of the 15th. century. A block is carved with a  pattern in reverse, then  wet clay is pressed into the mold ,the tile is now ready to be trimmed, underglazed and fired. The glaze with the color is then filled into the depressions and fired a second time. Each section of the design is elaborately glazed by hand. Throughout the whole of southern Spain in large. Public squares, hotels, private homes, gardens are decorated with tiles using this technique, The largest private home had over 150,000 of  tiles in this technique installed in the 16th century. National historic houses in Florida and California also feature them.

As you browse this collection you might think” Why are they painted so slovenly? Why do the colors not always stay in their cells? why are there drips, crackled and missing glazes?” That is part of our intent, to add age, patina and history to these handcrafted replicas.



All Sevilla designs are also available in white, crackle and crème glazes 

We have a large variety of cool and warn white: bright, dull, matt and crackle  




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